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I am Tony, just your average 6 ft 8 English guy, married with two children. Here I am about to embark on a journey of a lifetime in a sincere effort to help Children that I don't know, combat an illness I know all too well.
I know someone out there would be doing this for my children, and and many have come before me setting the bar to todays standards. I just hope I am able to reach high and raise it a little bit further.
I am about to set off on a cycle adventure, crossing the entire USA in 30 days, 100 miles a day for 30 straight days. How far is 100 miles, let just say, its like running a marathon. Thats 30 back to back marathons.
I am in hard training now, I have under a month to go...lets get ready for this countdown and enjoy with me my journey across America.


My Wife, My Children, my 4 Dogs, and my Big Black Bike