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May 03, 2004


Tim Cramblit


Just wanted to let you know that the whole Cramblit family is thinking of you as you make your way across country. It's an amazing feat that is being accomplished by such an amazing man. What you're doing will make a difference in many lives for many years to come. We are grateful that people like yourself care enough to make a difference. Without efforts such as yours, Caitlin may not be with us today. We wish you all the luck the rest of the way home and look forward to celebrating your return.

Tim, Cheryl, Caitlin & Callie Cramblit

Carol Gaddis

Tony -
My most exciting ride to date was joining you and other Team in Training members on your ride from El Reno to OKC. I had decided last year to embark on the TNT ride in Tahoe this summer because my mother was fighting CLL. She passed away in January - giving this ride a very different meaning.
I enjoyed meeting and visiting with your family and Chris as well, what an inspiration you are to all. My best wishes to you on this journey -
God Speed,

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I can't tell you how great it felt to have all these cyclists here for me, to help me, to give me encouragement be with me to ride me into Oklahoma city.

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we had the wheel off and her new wheel on pretty quickly...she thanked us both and heard the story of our ride..she was amazed that I should have been cycling across country and even stopped to help her....What else would I or could I have done..thats just what needed to be done.

Zara Miller

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